Thursday, March 25, 2010

Clarifying the title of this blog

To clarify......
I have kids, I work in bars. These are the two aspects of my life that I will be writing about mostly and so I thought they should both be in the title. Notice that I did NOT name it "Kids in bars". I think this is worth noting as that would be weird. I generally disagree with letting kids hang out in bars for several reasons.
  • They pick up brand new words from the old guys at happy hour
  • Bar food (though delicious) is not very nutritious
  • They always seem to misplace the cue ball
  • They are too short to play darts well
  • They keep beating my photo hunt score on the Touchmaster
  • They don't tip very well
Here is a word problem for you math minded folk.

Q. Four kids live here. Two kids live next door. Five kids got off the bus and came into the house. There are eight kids on the trampoline outside right now and one napping upstairs. How many cheeseburgers should I make for dinner?

A. I hope I have extra tater tots


  1. This was a mistake--you are way funnier than me. Now I need to find myself an angle. Jeesh.

    Oh, one suggestion: try to put photos in your posts as often as possible. Even if it's just clip art. People like pictures.


  2. I still don't see my comment. Oh well. Do you have it set to hide them?

    I gave you a blog award. Go to my page and accept it. Now!!!

  3. I see my old comment. That is really weird.

  4. You do understand that your sister is encouraging you to post pictures in the hope that you will one day flash on the screen something really embarrassing...and then she can strut around gloating.

    From this single post I already appreciate your take on life.

    Congrats on getting started (and don't let it consume your life).

    ...and I'm not even going to ask what Touchmaster is.

  5. welcome to the blog-world! I follow you now.